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What are cornflakes? How are they made?

Cornflakes are the product obtained from de hulled, degermed and cooked corn (Zea mays L.) by flaking partially drying and toasting. It shall be in the form of crisp flakes of reasonably uniform size and golden brown in colour.

The milling process removes the corn kernels from the cobs and turns them into flake-sized ‘grits’. The grits are cooked in steam pressure cookers, at temperatures exceeding 100°C.

This cooking process lasts for an hour and softens the hard grits. During cooking, additional water is incorporated in the form of steam which condenses and the water content in the batch rises to 30 percent to 35 percent.

The hot grits are transported from the cookers to large driers viaa network of pipes. The grits spend several hours in the hot-air driers in order to reduce their moisture content. These grits are milled using rollers, which squeeze them flat.

Next, the flakes are tumble-toasted in huge cylindrical ovens.The air in the ovens is heated and the flakes are tossed around in a rotating drum. The drum is angled so that the flakes whirl around and pass through it quite quickly, and stops them spending too long in the fierce heat. Here the flakes are sprayed with flavors and minerals. Finally, they are bagged up with the help of a bagging machine, which uses rolls of polythene.
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