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Are you looking for the best groundnut oil for your food? Then your search stops here. Consumer VOICE brings an analysis of the best groundnut oil and helps you to choose between refined groundnut oil and filtered groundnut oil. Oil not only improves the taste of the food but also supplies us with energy and helps us absorb fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are important nutrients. There are two distinct types of groundnut oil available in the market and it is important to know the difference between the two in order to make the correct choice.

Different Types of Groundnut Oil

Filtered groundnut oil

Filtered groundnut oil is obtained by the traditional cold-pressing method. It is filtered once or twice to removesuspended particles. They are simply filtered and bottled with no further processing. They are generally dark and cloudy in appearance and have a peculiar seed smell from which they are extracted.Unrefined or filteredoils retain the savouryflavour of the groundnuts from which they are derived.

Refined groundnut oil

This type of oil has been purified with chemicals to remove any suspended particles, toxic substances, flavour components, colour and odour, thereby leaving behind clear and pure oil. Refined oils have a more clear appearance compared to filtered oil.

Which is a better groundnut oil – Filtered or Refined

Of both the types of groundnut oil, filtered groundnut oils are better as they are less processed and treated. Hence filtered oils have a higher value of nutrients in them. Refined oils are devoid of beta carotene, vitamin E and minerals.

Another benefit of using filtered groundnut as compared to refined groundnut oil is that since they have a strong aroma, they are used in lesser amounts thereby helping you to manage weight and lipid levels better. They also contain higher amount of vitamins and minerals which add to your overall nutrient intake.

As far as health is concerned, Groundnut oil is one of the best oils available in the market since it is cholesterol free, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and good source of Oliec Acid. But there is also a dark side of it, if you have a nut allergy, you should avoid it.

Consumer VOICE experts compared 10 brands of groundnut oil to check the adulteration levels, rancidity, flash point and many more and recommend the best groundnut oil for consumers.

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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