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What is mindful eating and how it can save you?

Mindful or sustainable eating stands on the concept of a healthy diet together with sustaining the environment for future generations. So what is a sustainable food item?

  • The entire process involved in bringing it to the present state of consumption should have caused minimal damage to the environment,
  • It should have significant nutritional value and free from the use of preservatives,
  • It should easily accessible and affordable to all communities,
  • It should be socially acceptable.

With so many parameters to meet, it is a bit difficult to adopt an idealistic approach – hence a few compromises must be done.

Essential nutrients required to build and for the upkeep of the human body - protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates minerals and water are present in both animal-based( meat, fish eggs, dairy and poultry products) and plant-based (beans, soy, nuts, foodgrains, fruits, and vegetables) foods. It is a fact that vegan food items cause lesser damage to the environment than animal-based foods. However, a strict plant-based diet would require a substantial shift in typical food choices and a significant increase in quantity in the diet to match the calorific content of a diet rich in animal food. If this is not done it could pose nutritional risks. Organic and certified plant produce, fruits, and nuts tend to be more expensive, which is again a barrier to accessing a healthy, sustainable diet.

So what’s there that an individual needs to do to attain sustainable eating? Get the digital copy of the latest magazine for the full report.

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