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What Makes Honey Organic?

Honey is considered organic when it is locally grown and not processed. Organic honey, also known as ‘raw’ honey, does not contain any pesticides or environmental pollutants. So, many people consider this form of honey to be real honey. Since it does not go through the traditional process for safety, these standards are upheld for honey to be considered organic.

Also, non-organic sugar or antibiotics are not used at any point in organic honey. Organic honey is a natural, healthier and environment-friendly form of honey. There is no handling of pesticides or bioengineered synthetic products in organic honey. This honey is extracted from beehives that are situated in natural locations, and the owners have to meet a set of standards that include bees’ management, a proper extraction process, and regulated processing temperature.

Organic honey does not contain any residues of pesticides or other toxins found in factory-produced bottled honey easily available in the market. Also, organic honey undergoes a rigorous process of chemical testing so that there is no deposit in it. Lack of deposits is among the core reasons why people are looking for organic honey in India.

If you are out in the market to buy organic honey, you should know that real organic honey would be certified by the agriculture certification body of your country. This attests to the fact that the manufacturers have abided by organic standards and conditions while producing the honey. You should also know that the conditions and standards vary from nation to nation. Many manufacturers have also admitted that the conditions and standards were so tough in their country that they were unable to adhere to the organic guidelines for long.

Many loyal consumers of organic honey also feel that it is better in taste as compared to conventionally produced honey and this is the sole reason that they are willing to pay an extra cost for it. Though several customers also attest to the fact that they couldn’t find any difference in terms of taste when it comes to conventionally produced honey or organic honey. So, if the taste is the only consideration, we recommend that you try a sample before buying the entire bottle of organic honey.

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