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Organic Food

You can call it a health status or just a part of lifestyle – organic food is making waves everywhere. If some are buying organic products from the market, some have started their own little organic farm in their terrace or small farms.

But what is organic foods?

Not all food labelled as organic are good for health and they could be consumed freely.Organic products are fooditems produced by methods that follow the standards of organic farming. The standards of organic farming vary worldwide. In India, these standards ensures that a product is grown without the use of fertilizerspesticides, antibiotics and induced hormones. Organic foods are free from chemical substances thus they are good for health compared to other products. Also, they are environment friendly as they cause less damage to the soil and environment.

Why are organic foods highly priced?

  • Organic farming is more labour intensive than the conventional farming.
  • The productivity of organic farming is typically lower than that of conventional farm.
  • Raring animals for organic meat requires is also high-cost procedure that requires a lot of investment.
  • Obtaining an organic certification is also an expensive affair.


Are Organic Foods More Healthy?

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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