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Oil Shelf Life

How long does oil last? What is the oil shelf life? Oil shelf life depends on the best before date and how it is stored. Though we tend to use oil even after the expiry date, oil does go bad.

The declared oil shelf life of the most brands varies from six to 12 months. Where the shelf life is six months,there is all the more need for consumers to be aware of quality of oil andoil storage tips particularly if they are buying the large pack of fivelitres or higher capacity. They must ensure that the oil remains stable within the consumption period.

Oil shelf life can vary dramatically, depending on the chemical stability of the oil. Unlike the food which has a more predictable timeframe, it is extremely difficult to predict the point at which oil can go bad.

How to increase oil shelf life?

Here are some tips to improve oil storageand increase the shelf life of oil:

Do Not Keep Bottles Partially Full

When a bottle of any type of oil is left only partially full, the oxygen that also lives inside the bottle reacts with the oil and begins to oxidize it. Oxidization is very harmful as it destroys the aromatic and therapeutic components of the oils. The process of oxidization can cause the vegetable oils to become stale quickly. The empty space inside a bottle of oil is called the "headspace." You can prolong oil shelf life by reducing this headspace. 

Keep Bottle Caps Tight

Though you need to keep the bottle caps tightly screwed but don’t overtly tighten it as they can break and allow oxygen to enter and as we know oxygen is an enemy to oils.

Store Oils Away from Direct Sunlight And Ideally In a Dark Location

You should store oils away from direct sunlight and UV rays. Avoid exposing oil bottles to direct sunlight thereby increasing the shelf life of oil.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Oils

Don’t use unsterilized items like cotton balls, fingers or dirty spoons in the oils. Instead pour off the quantity that you need and measure into a container, leaving the purity of the oil intact.

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