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Loving foods that love you back

Nutrition and health are much talked-about subjects but do we really make rational consumption choices in our everyday lives? Here are some foods that will do you good, and others that will make you overdraw on your body’s energy reserves

Ever really taken a slow walk through a supermarket? You cant escape the harsh reality that we are surrounded and bombarded by choices so much so that it is at the point of being overwhelming. Choices are good, but do we really need multiple brands of breakfast cereals?

Its very clear that with so many choices and the powerful advertising that influences us to buy, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Unfortunately, that leaves us drowning in a never-ending sea of indecisions. So what do we do with all these choices? At times the answer can be fairly simple. Ive found simplicity comes best, from the mind of a child. During a recent conversation about what foods are good for you and what foods are not, my youngest daughter laughed and said “But I love that food.” My oldest daughter replied, “Yeah but does it love you back?” That one reply was simple but contained a wealth of wisdom.

Foods that give no love

  • White Sugar of the refined processed variety has no love and has no nutrient value whatsoever. The body uses energy to digest and absorb the sugar and gets nothing in return but exhaustion.
  • Coffee is clearly a beverage of ups and downs which often leaves you spiralling downward when its all said and done. The culprit is caffeine which causes lack of focus. Do you need a drink that does that?
  • Processed Foods, which covers a wide range from fast foods to most canned foods, are overloaded with nutrient-empty sugar, water, fat, flour, starch, artificial colourings and flavours. Avoid these at all costs.
  • Foods that have yeast extract as an ingredient are those to take out of the shopping cart. Yeast extract is used to enhance flavour but has the similar effects of MSG (monosodium glutamate), which are headaches and reproductive disorders.
  • Doughnuts contain hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar, and acrylamides. Essentially, theyre one of the worst cancer foods you can possibly eat. Readers Digest calls doughnuts “disastrous” as a breakfast food, and many experts agree its probably one of the worst ways to start the day.

Loving foods that love you back, a concept that is very broad in its scope, but very powerful when it comes to teaching ourselves and children proper nutrition. As humans we thrive and grow based on the relationships we choose. To cultivate healthy relationships, we take the time to learn as much about our potential partner before committing. Why? Simply, because we all share a common desire—to be fulfilled. Whether cultivating a business or personal relationship, we want it to be complete in order to function at our best capacity. How is it that utilizing this same philosophy with the food we eat has slipped from our consciousness? Is it that difficult to embrace the fact that we should nurture a relationship with the foods we consume? In other words, the foods we love should reciprocate by truly supplying the proper nutrition to our body. This will only happen, if and only if we improve our knowledge and make the best choices.

So ask yourself, does the food you eat truly love you back? Sounds silly perhaps until you think about the times youve had heartburn, stomachaches or worse—an allergy reaction. Here are 5 helpful tips to consider and foods that I know for certain love us and those that dont.

Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. 
The author is a veteran author of over five books and graphic novels.  He is also the author and co-creator of Food Adventures with Charles the Chef, a book created to help children develop good eating habits early.


Foods and drinks that truly love you

  • Water is at the top of the list. Not only does water act as the ultimate cleansing agent but it also is effective in treating many of our aliments such as arthritis and asthma. 
  • Spinach is a slightly underrated vegetable. One bowl of spinach contains as much calcium as a carton of milk!
  • Grapefruit can be sour but packs a punch when it comes to supplying a days worth of vitamin C. Eat half of one and you are good for the entire day.
  • For those who are not allergic, a healthy diet of Fish (salmon or tuna) will provide much needed Omega 3 fatty acids to help maintain proper weight and gain less. Its also good in preventing depression.
  • Carrot Juice is known for keeping us seeing well into our twilight years. It is also a super blood cleansing agent and prevents known cancers.


Simple tips to remember

  • Read the ingredients of the food you buy and research what they are.
  • Know your vitamins and minerals and what foods have them and those that dont. (Yes, there are some foods that have no nutrient content)
  • Dont be taken in by every discount and coupon special. Saving money may not be saving your life.
  • Eliminate or reduce microwaving your foods. Those rays destroy nearly 98% of its vitamins, in reality killing your food. 
  • Eat live foods such as fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Its been proven that you acquire more nutrients from live foods than dead ones
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