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Importance of Packing of Butter

When you use the butter every day for adding it to a bread slice or a delectable paneer dish, you hardly think about the packing of butter. Packing of butter is essential not only to increase the shelf life of butter but also because it has many other benefits. Some of the benefits of proper packing of butter are listed right here.

Protection from Elements

Proper packing of butter ensures that it is protected from harmful elements like pollution, dirt, dust, etc. If butter is packed tightly, it won’t melt and spill over if it’s being transported under hot temperature conditions. Protection from light is also offered which is essential for food products as light exposure can change the quality, taste and color of butter. In many cases, the lack of proper protection can mean that butter loses its nutritional value.

Ensuring Freshness

Proper packing of butter also ensures that it stays fresh for a couple of days. There are many packaging options like shrink film, oxygen free packaging or cooling packaging that ensure that the butter stays fresh for long and can be used over a period of few days or even weeks in some cases.

Better Service

If you as a consumer buys butter from two different brands and one offers good packaging while the other offers mediocre packaging, it is likely that you will select a brand that offers good packaging because you will appreciate their service delivery. You will know that the company is going an extra mile to ensure that the butter is delivered in the best possible condition and you will appreciate it.

Boosted Brand Image

Proper packaging of butter is also essential for a brand’s image because a company can stick on its logo or brand name over the package and help consumers to differentiate it from the rest of the brands. This helps a company in ensuring that people know about its brand wherever the butter goes be it a small town or a remote village.

Sharing Information

Proper packing of butter also allows customers to know about different pieces of information about the product like its weight, nutritional value, ingredients, etc. This information helps the customers to pick a butter that’s healthier and provides more value for money

What Must Manufacturers know About Packing and Marking?

Packing should be proper because it protects the product from deterioration and increases its shelf life. Each pack should also carry information about the characteristics of the product and/or the claims of the manufacturer.

Recently, a few samples were verified against the marking requirements as given in the relevant Indian Standards and the results were as follows:

  • Except DMS, all brands were wrapped in printed butter paper and packed in hard paper box. DMS was wrapped in butter paper only.
  • DMS did not carry the green dot and customer-care details.
  • Net weight was found to be above the declared quantity in all the brands.
  • Amul and Vita had AGMARK.
Divya Patwal


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