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How pure is your ghee?

Cow ghee is the pure clarified fat-derived solely from milk or curd or desi butter or from cream to which no colouring matter flavor or preservative gets added. Ghee is an important dairy product that enters inter-state trade too. Due to variation in its composition from region to region and season to season and also because it depends on the type of animal and the feed given, the establishment of its purity often involves elaborate analysis, as well as tests for its keeping quality.

Consumer VOICE tested 11 popular cow ghee brands available in the market. The comparative testing was carried out at a NABL accredited laboratory. The key parameters for which the ghee brands were tested included milk fat, vitamins A and saturated fat, PUFA, MUFA, and trans fat. We also carried out a series of tests to check for adulteration with vegetable fats, animal fats, etc. As there is no specific standard for cow ghee, the test program for comparative testing of cow ghee was prepared mainly based on FSSAI regulation (Food Safety & Standards regulation) and BIS standard IS 16326:2015. The standard test methods of ghee were used for comparative testing.

The brands which were tested included Ananda, Amul, Milkfood, Patanjali, Mother Dairy, Verka, Anik, Fresh & Pure,  Britannia, Baidyanath and Gowardhan. All the brands had met the minimum requirements specified in the national standards and therefore are safe for consumption. However, to get the top ranked brand and detailed analysis of our report, get the latest copy of our November 2020 magazine.

Divya Patwal


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