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From the Factory to the Bowl – The Process of making cornflakes

Have you wondered how are cornflakes made? The main ingredient in a cereal is grain. The most common ones are corn, wheat, oats, rice and barley.  Most breakfast cereals also contain ingredients such as salt, yeast, sweeteners, flavoring agents, coloring agents, vitamins, minerals and preservatives. The most important of these is vitamin B-1, 90 % of which is destroyed by heat/cooking. The antioxidants BHA and BHT are the preservatives that are usually added to cereals to prevent the cereal from becoming stale and rancid. Let’s understand how are cornflakes made?

How are cornflakes made?

  • Prepare the grain got from the factory by cleaning. Usually, the whole grain is crushed between large metal rollers to remove the outer layer of bran. It can be grounded finely too. 
  • Whole grains or partial grains are combined with flavoring agents, vitamins, minerals, sweeteners, salt, and water in a large rotating pressure cooker. The cooking time, temperature, speed depends on the type of grain used. 
  • The cooked grain is moved to a conveyor belt, which goes to a drying oven. The water in the cooked grain is enough to result in a soft, solid mass which can be shaped as required. 
  • The cooked grains are allowed to cool for a few hours, letting the moisture content stabilise. This process is known as tempering. The tempered grains are flattened between large metal rollers under tremendous pressure. The resulting flakes are conveyed to ovens where they are tossed in a blast of very hot air to remove remaining moisture and to toast them to a desirable color and flavor. The flakes are now ready.

All steps in a manufacturing process have to be monitored for quality. The machines used are made from stainless steel, which can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Grain is inspected for any foreign matter when it arrives at the factory, checking is done when it’s cooked and shaped. Filled packages are weighed to ensure that the content of each box is equal. Quality control is ensured for all cereal products.

Divya Patwal


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