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Importance of Food Preservation

Food preservation is one of the primary concerns for the food industry due to various reasons, not the least being its role in enhancing the shelf life of food and ensuring food safety. No one can underestimate food preservation because it ensures greater and wider availability of food products, less wastage, and better retention of the food’s nutritive values and taste. The increasing consumption of precooked food and the import of raw foods from foreign countries are other factors that make food spoilage and safety matters of real concern. If you are also concerned about food preservation and you want to know its importance, then all you need to do is to scroll down.

The Changing Times

The main reason for opting for food preservation methods is to protect food from spoilage corruption and microorganisms. Another reason to trust food preservation is to extend the life of foods. Without increasing the life of food, there remains a probability of famine or food shortages.

In the earlier times, the answer to the question of how to preserve food was to use methods like cellar storage. With the changing of times and the development of science and technology, the use of chemically synthesized preservatives has increased.

Though chemically synthesized preservatives are used widely, there are concerns that their use can lead to not only changing the original flavor of food but also food poisoning or human-induced cancers. This is why the focus is shifting to using safe preservatives that make food safe for long without changing it in any manner.

Importance of Food Preservation

Food preservation is important due to the following reasons:

  • Variety

When seasonal foods are preserved by using the right methods, it can allow people to have a greater variety of food in all seasons and hence increases the variety they get to enjoy. For instance, mangoes, that are primarily considered as summer food can now be enjoyed during the winters. Foods can also be safely transported to the regions where they are not available easily.

  • Less Wastage

While learning about food preservation factors, you should also know that the use of food preservatives also ensures that there is little or no wastage of food and the food can be preserved for future use. The food that is saved from wastage can be used to feed the people of a society for months and months and hence it reduces the chances of a famine or food shortages.

  • Same as Always

When the right food preservatives are used, the taste, color, nutritive values and the shape of the food remains the same. It means that the food will be healthy for long and give you the energy you need.

  • No Boundaries

If the food can be preserved in the right manner, it can be transported easily from one part of the world to the other. It means that people of different countries and cultures can taste foods belonging to other countries and cultures.

  • Easy Storage

The storage of food becomes easy when preservatives are added to it. The transportation also becomes simpler because the foods can be packed tightly and stacked on top of one another.

In essence, it can be seen that using preservatives is a good idea. We just need to ensure that the preservatives are organic and natural because they have no side effects.

Divya Patwal


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