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High fibre’ claim by Cremica biscuit is false

Five popular brands of digestive biscuits and cookies were chosen to interpret the nutritional information given on their labels. Selected brands for study were-Britannia Nutri Choice, Cremica, McVities, Tasty Treat, and Parle Nutricrunch Honey and Oats Cookies. The energy value of all brands was found approximately the same (481 to 493 kcal per 100gram). The highest protein value was found in brand Britannia Nutri Choice Biscuits and lowest in Parle Nutricrunch Cookies. The highest dietary fiber was found in McVities Biscuits and lowest in Cremica Biscuits.

However, we found the ‘high fibre’ claim by Cremica biscuit is false.

The claim of fibre by rest of the four brands (Britannia Nutri Choice, McVities, Tasty Treat Biscuits, and Parle Nutricrunch Cookies) was found true.

The cheapest brand we found was Cremica Biscuits and costliest were Britannia Nutri Choice, McVities, and Tasty Treat Biscuits.

Traffic light for fat is red for all the five brands–this means one may consume all these brands sparingly. Traffic light for sugar is amber for all five brands-this means one may consume these brands occasionally.

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