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Choose your Marie Biscuit Wisely

Grocery shopping has become perplexed these days with our priority on contactless and seamless buying experiences while in a store. In such a situation, going with a buying list makes sense. And it’s even better if you know the brand to buy from the nearby store. Our evaluation report of 5 Marie Biscuit brands will help you to buy the right brand wisely.

Five popular Marie Biscuit brands were chosen to interpret the nutritional information on their labels. The energy value was found highest in brands like Priyagold Marie and Parle Marie and it was lowest in McVitie’s Whole Wheat Marie. Consuming any Marie Biscuit from our evaluated (any from the five brands) brands by a woman engaged in sedentary work means about 23 per cent of her daily energy requirement is met. Protein value was found highest in brand Priyagold Marie and lowest in Patanjali Marie. Consuming 100gram McVities Whole Wheat Marie by a man means 13 per cent of his daily protein requirement is met. As per the Indian law, declaration of dietary fibre in nutrition information of the label is not mandatory. Only brands McVitie’s whole wheat Marie and Patanjali Marie have declared about dietary fibre on their labels. This is a consumer-friendly step on the part of these brands. Also, we found higher dietary fibre in Patanjali Marie and lower was in McVitie’s Whole Wheat Marie. Consuming 100 gram Patanjali Marie by an adult means 16 per cent of his/her daily dietary fibre requirement is met.

Traffic light for fat and sugar is amber for all brands. Which means one may consume these occasionally. As per the Indian law, the declaration of sodium/salt in nutrition information of the label is not mandatory. Only brand Priyagold Marie declared sodium. Traffic light for salt for brand Priyagold Marie is also amber.

Unit pricing or comparative pricing is a way to show the price of a commodity in relation to a standard unit of measure, such as the kilogram or litre. Unit price gives a fair idea about cheaper and costlier brands. As per the unit price index, the cheapest brand is Priyagold Marie and the costliest is McVitie’s Whole Wheat Marie.

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Nilanjana Bose

Nilanjana Bose

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