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Consumer VOICE has selected five popular brands packed in a plastic pouch of buttermilk to interpret the nutritional information given on their labels. The chosen brands are–Amul, Ananda, Mother Dairy, Namaste India, and Patanjali.

We found the energy value is highest in brand Mother Dairy and lowest in Patanjali. Protein value is highest in brand Namaste India and lowest in Patanjali. Calcium value is highest in brands Ananda and Mother Dairy, lowest in Patanjali. For brand Mother Dairy traffic light is amber - this means one may drink this brand occasionally. For rest brands traffic light for fat is green – this means one may drink these brands often. Traffic light for sugar is green for all brands – this means one may drink these brands often.  Declaration of sodium/salt is not mandatory in nutrition information on labels of food products. The only brand – Namaste India declared sodium in nutrition information on its label. This is a consumer-friendly initiative taken by this brand. Traffic light for salt is green for brand Namaste India.

Unit pricing or comparative pricing is a way to show the price of a commodity concerning a standard unit of measure, such as the kilogram or litre. Unit price gives a fair idea about cheaper and costlier brands. As per the unit price parameter, brand Ananda is the cheapest, and costliest is Mother Dairy. Get hold of the July report to gain complete information on the evaluated brands.

Divya Patwal


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