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Cornflakes – Your Morning Friend or Foe?

Cornflakes are a staple breakfast option in many households, however is it a healthy option? Does it lead to weight loss? What are the benefits and disadvantages of cornflakes?

Cornflakes are a packaged cereal eaten with cold or hot milk. The main ingredient of cornflakes is corn. Sugar, malt flavoring, and high fructose corn syrup are some of the other ingredients. Most of them have a high content of glycemic index (GI). Foods high in GI increase level of sugar in bloodstream very quickly. When insulin is released into the brain, it naturally decreases the sugar level. This results in a feeling of inactiveness. The brain has a false sense of starvation and continues to eat. Therefore, cornflakes are not always healthy as supposed to be.

Cornflakes and diabetes

According to studies, an adult size portion of cornflakes is about 350 calories. High carbohydrates and few proteins in them make them unhealthy for people with diabetes. Even though cornflakes are low in fat, sugar content in them raises the storage of fat. India has a very high population of diabetic patients and cornflakes is not a healthy option for them.

All processed foods with extra sugar content come under the category of high glycemic food, which increase chances of diabetes. Glycemic index of corn flakes is quite high. Corn flakes has a high Glycemic Index, resulting in high concentrations of blood glucose levels. This further boosts insulin demand and contributes to risk of diabetes type 2.

Can cornflakes make you lose weight?

Cornflakes has quite a high amount of sugar content that exists in the form of high fructose corn syrup. This is a kind of sugar which is simple carbohydrate, belonging to a class of chemically-related sweet-flavoured essences. Many people add sugar or honey to their cornflakes and that raises the sugar content and therefore the chances of weight gain.  

How to eat cornflakes for weight loss

Cornflakes is healthy is a misconception and eating too much may cause problems like diabetes and obesity. Wheat flakes or oatmeal is a healthier option. Next one can opt a low fat milk and add some dose of vitamins and fibre with fruits like apple, berries and bananas. Another thing to add is nuts, a rich source of protein. With all these components your breakfast can be healthy and tasty.

Divya Patwal


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