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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about Consumer VOICE. If you need specific help or

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About Consumer VOICE

What is Consumer VOICE?

Consumer VOICE is a pioneer consumer protection group (NGO) based in New Delhi working for consumer-education, a champion of consumer interests and issues since 1983. Read More 

What does VOICE stand for?

VOICE stands for Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE). It is the voice of the consumer, by the consumer and for the consumer.

What does Consumer VOICE do?

Consumer VOICE is a champion of consumer rights and laws and is working relentlessly to educate consumers of their rights and laws governing them and bring awareness to build a consumer community that is informed and empowered to make right choices. Our foremost activities include

Comparative Product Testing 

Advocacy of Causes 

Consumer Awareness Programs and Events 

Consumer VOICE Magazine

What are the various causes that Consumer VOICE campaigns for?

Consumer VOICE works on various causes like Road Safety, Safer Cars, Organic Food, Salt Fortification, Comparative Product Testing and so on. It also empowers the consumers on financial issues like digital banking, online frauds, mutual funds and loans. All Campaigns

How did Consumer VOICE begin?

Consumer VOICE began in 1983 by Prof Shri Ram Khanna along with his friends at the Delhi University Campus. Read More

Who runs Consumer VOICE?

Consumer VOICE is run by the Board headed by G Sundaram as the Chairman and Prof Sri Ram Khanna as the Managing Trustee and Secretary. Mr Anand Pandeya and Raj Khanna are the other two Directors and Trustee of VOICE and Mr Ashim Sanyal is the COO and Secretary of the Board. Read More 

Where is Consumer VOICE based?

We are based in New Delhi, India. However, we have state partners working for us on various projects all over India. Read More 

How is Consumer VOICE funded?

Consumer VOICE receives funding from members, governments and foundations. Individuals can also donate to the VOICE Corpus Fund. The contribution to this fund gets income tax exemption under section 80(G). Donate Now

Contact Details

How do I contact Consumer VOICE?

You can contact through email ( ) or through phone (011-47331000)or submit a query form. Contact Details.


What is Comparative Product Testing?

Consumer VOICE is the only organization in India that started product testing of various brands in accredited laboratories in 1991 and continues to provide unbiased analysis of the comparative testing done. To know how the testing is done - various stages, read our Comparative Product Testing Methodology

How does Comparative Product Testing done by Consumer VOICE helps consumers?

The main aim of Comparative Product Testing is to provide Indian Consumer the power to take informed decisions, know the Best Buys and get good Value for Money. Another is to influence government to make rules more stringent and persuade the manufacturers to raise the quality of production. Our Comparative Product Testing Methodology section provides complete insight into the purpose and the process of comparative product testing at Consumer VOICE. 

What all products are tested by Consumer VOICE?

We test food products, FMCG, toiletries, electrical appliances, white goods, personal & health care products, services & instruments of banking and finance sector. See Product Reviews.

I am not able to find a product in your reviews section?

In case you are not able to find a product in our Product Reviews section, please feel free to write to us to let us know which product you wish us to test. Click here. 

Legal Helpdesk of Consumer VOICE

Can I get legal help from Consumer VOICE?

Yes, we have a dedicated legal helpdesk which comprises of legal experts who can provide you a step-by-step advisory to help you in case you want to pursue a litigation. Please note that basic legal advice is free of cost if you are a subscriber to our monthly Consumer VOICE Magazine (English or Hindi). Read More

I have a complaint against a retailer/manufacturer, can you help?

We can certainly help, provided the nature of your complaint is consumer related. We do provide a legal advice after going through the supporting documents. Read our Legal Helpdesk section to know more. 

What kind of legal help or advice can Consumer VOICE give me?

We can give you information to empower you when dealing with retailers, manufacturers and service providers in case you have a complaint about consumer products or services/consumer disputes.

We can direct you to the appropriate agency to lodge a complaint.

We can help you to pursue the litigation till the final step. Read more

Do you charge anything for legal advice?

Basic legal advice is free of cost if you are a subscriber to our monthly Consumer VOICE Magazine (English or Hindi). We charge a nominal amount for the same in case you are not a member.

If you wish to file a case in consumer court and pursue it further, that is again nominally charged. Write to our Legal Helpdesk to know more.

Consumer VOICE Magazine

How do I subscribe to Consumer VOICE magazine?

Consumer VOICE monthly magazine is available in Hindi and English. You can choose subscription for online version or order print magazine.  To know all the subscription plans, please click here.

Is Consumer VOICE Magazine for free?

Consumer VOICE Magazine is a subscription based monthly magazine available in English and Hindi at a very nominal price. Check the subscription plans here.

Why is Consumer VOICE magazine so popular?

Consumer VOICE magazine is a cornerstone of our consumer education awareness program. We bring to you unbiased comparative analysis of various products tested by our technical experts - food, consumer durables, banking and finance etc. Our buying guides update you about ‘Best Buys’ and ‘Recommendations’, thus giving you the power to make informed choices. The monthly magazine also includes expert advice related to health, environment, automobile, travel and much more. You would also get to know the latest about the consumer right and laws in India. Subscribe Now


I have subscribed to the print magazine, but I am not getting the print edition regularly, whom should I contact?
In case you do not receive your monthly magazine, please write in to
I have subscribed to the online magazine but I am not being able to view it properly?
Our online magazine is compatible with most of the desktop and mobile devices and browsers, however in case you are not able to view it, kindly write to us at with following details: your registered email id, details of the device that you are using, name and version of the browser that you are viewing through and message if any displayed on the screen or a snapshot of the same. Our technical team will contact you as soon as possible.
I have changed my address, how do I notify you so that I can get my magazine delivered at the new address?

Please write to us at with subject line “Change in Address for Magazine delivery”. We would also require the registered email id or the registered phone number of your subscription. You can also fill this form choosing the subject line “I am a member and want to change my contact details”.

We are an organization/school/corporate and wish to subscribe to Consumer VOICE Magazine for all our offices/branches. Do you provide discount?
We publish the magazine for the benefit of consumer and to spread awareness about their rights. We have kept the prices minimal for the benefit of our readers.

Newsletter Subscription

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You simply need to provide us with your email id and click on subscribe here.

Is newsletter subscription for free?

Yes, newsletter is for free for everyone. Join the Newsletter Subscription list now.

How can I be a part of Consumer VOICE?

How does one become a member of Consumer VOICE?

Consumer VOICE membership is free of cost. Only your email id and name is required. Join Consumer VOICE now. 

What are the benefits of being a Consumer VOICE member?

As a Consumer VOICE member, you get uninterrupted access to the complete website, subscription to the monthly newsletter and latest updates on consumer rights and laws.

Please note that this does not include subscription our monthly magazine Consumer VOICE and the  free legal help that is reserved for our monthly magazine subscribers only.

I have been successful in getting compensation for a faulty product or service. I wish masses to know about this. What should I do?

You could share your experience with us. We would share it with consumers at large as a case study. This would help to guide them in the right direction. Share your experince - Tell Your Story.

You can also post your experience at our Facebook page. We are a connected to almost 50000 consumers and adding. Your experience would give them more clarity about consumer rights. 

Can I volunteer for Consumer VOICE?

Yes you can volunteer for Consumer VOICE. You can campaign for us for the causes that you feel strongly about. You can help us in creating awareness amongst common people, you can write for us and help in social media promotion. Volunteer Now 

Can I work for Consumer VOICE?

If you have the zeal to be part of an organization that works for consumer awareness, then there is nothing stopping you. We keep posting vacancies for various requirements for Consumer VOICE on our Careers page. You can write to our HR department to tell about yourself. Read More

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