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5 tips to keep your skin healthy this summer

Summer is great, where one can enjoy the sun. But what about your skin? The hot and humid weather can make your skin red and oily.  Apart from causing acne and rashes, the scorching heat has the tendency to damage the skin cells and skin problems appear. But don’t sweat, here are some tips to make the skin look healthy in the summer:
1.Say no to Oily Food:

Maintaining a healthy skin is important in summer, oily or fried food can cause breakouts. Having oily or fried food in summers can be extremely bad for your skin as it can trigger acne breakouts that can further lead to pigmentation spots.

  1. Caffeine Or Sugary Drinks to be avoided:

During summers, it is essential to keep your body hydrated. However, it is important to hydrate it with water. Water is the best remedy for your skin. When you choose caffeine based drinks or sugary drinks like iced tea it can cause breakouts on your skin. It is recommended to avoid this even though you may get tempted.
3.Synthetic Clothes to be avoided:

Synthetic clothes make you sweat excessively. Instead, go for cotton clothes as they will allow air to pass through which will further prevent sweating, rashes and itchiness on the skin.
4.Exfoliate but don’t rub the skin too hard:

Exfoliating helps cell renewal, improves circulation and leaves skin softer and brighter. However, many of the body scrubs in the market are not using natural products; scratchy particles are used to take the dead skin away. Exfoliate with gentler products.
5.Sunscreen is a must:

All year around a sunscreen is necessary for your skin. Sun rays can damage your skin at any time of the year. However, we tend to forget in winter as we are shivering with the cold. In summer, the sunscreen should not be forgotten, it should be used to keep your skin healthy. Did you know sun exposure is the leading cause of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of ageing? Now, this should give you enough reason to use the sunscreen everyday.
It’s easy to get away with your skin routine in the winters but in summer a regular skin regime is a must!

Divya Patwal


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