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Summons to celebrities including Govinda and Kapil Dev for selling fake club memberships

The Vadodara District Consumer Forum has summoned Raman Kapoor and his partner Seema, accused of cheating 15 citizens to the tune of Rs 11.52 lakh by promising membership of Sunstar Club. Cricketer Kapil Dev and film stars Govinda and Ravi Kishan, who are directors of the club, have also been summoned to appear before the forum.

A Vadodara-based consumer rights association filed nine complaints against them in the last week of July. The association, on behalf of nine victims, had sent notices to them to return their money, but when the money was not returned, a complaint was filed with the forum. Managing trustee of the complaining association PV Moorjani stated in his complaint that apart from Vadodara, the couple Raman and Seema had opened offices in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Indore and Delhi, and cheated citizens of crores of rupees by promising membership of a so-called premium club. However, without fulfilling the promises, they had fled after closing down the offices. The couple offered foreign trips and dinners at premium hotels for luring people with high net worth to join the club, in which they claimed some profile celebrities were members.

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