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School asked to refund fee for mistreating child

In Bengaluru, improper treatment meted out by a teacher at Royale Concorde International School had forced a five-year-old Class I girl student to refrain from going to school. The school authorities had refused refund of admission fee despite several requests to the management.

Stating that a teacher should not behave in a rude manner as it creates a threat in the child’s mind, the consumer court ordered the school to refund Rs 93,000 to the parents of the girl.

The problem with the school had started on the opening day itself. The girl attended the first day in great excitement but came back home crying, saying that her teacher had not treated her properly. She refused to go to school the next day. Her mother made futile attempts to convince her daughter to attend school, and when she approached the school and explained the situation, the school authorities did not try to instil any confidence in the child to get back to school.

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