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How to Ensure Filing Consumer Court Complaint Online Becomes Fruitful?

Though the problem of getting cheated by a manufacturer or seller is a common one in India, many people hesitate to file a consumer court complaint online. If you are among such people, then you should know that the Indian government is doing all it can to ensure that you as a consumer have some basic rights and can sue the person or company that cheats you.

You just need to make a bit of effort and learn about a few steps that will ensure that you don’t make mistakesin filing a case and do the process properly to increase your chances of a win. To get an answer to the question of how to ensure filing consumer court complaint online becomes fruitful, just scroll down.

Know Where to File a Consumer Court Complaint Online

Where you need to file a consumer court complaint online will depend on the value of goods or services you have availed. If their cost is less than INR 20 lakhs, you will need to file the complaint at a District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum. If the value is between INR 20 lakhs and one crore, you will need to file a complaint at the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. In case the value is more than INR 1 crore, you will need to file a case at a district forum. In case you are not happy with the results, you are free to approach the National Commission. 

Learn How to File a Consumer Court Complaint Online?

In case you want to approach a consumer court and seek justice as per the consumer protection act, you should consider seeking the help of an online consumer forum or online consumer legal help desk for filing a consumer complaint online. The people there are experts who will guide you and let you know that before filing a complaint, you need to contact the offensive party and give it notice. In many cases, the other party will respond to the request and try to resolve the matter smoothly.

If it doesn’t, you can ask the experts about how to file a complaint by visiting the official website of consumer court. Some steps of the process are listed right here.

  • Create an application that has an index page.
  • If someone else is representing you, you need to create a Letter of Authority.
  • In case you have delayed the complaint, you need to mention a genuine reason for the same.
  • You also need to attach copies of documents related to the complaint like an invoice.
  • The copies of the complaint should also be provided. It should contain what mistake the other party did, what relief are you seeking and how you want it.
  • Copies of notices sent to the other party also need to be attached.
  • Every complaint should be signed by the complainant along with mentioning the date and time.

Discover Whether Hiring a Lawyer for Filing Consumer Court Complaint Online is Necessary

Many people wonder whether hiring a lawyer for filing consumer court complaint online is necessary or not. If you are also worried about the same, then you should know that it is not necessary. You can be the smart consumer and learn about consumer laws yourself by doing a bit of research. Once you are done and you are confident enough, you should be able to represent your case on your own. If you need help, you can simply ask for advice from the experts at an online consumer legal help desk like Consumer Voice. This is much cheaper than hiring a full-time lawyer as Consumer Voice is a nonprofit organization that charges only nominal advice for the expertise of skilled lawyers who work towards consumer rights every day.

Once you come to us, we will give the utmost attention to your case and ensure that you file a consumer complaint online to get fruitful results. We can even offer to counsel and instill confidence in you to enable you to win the case on your own. You can also trust us to keep your confidence and never share your details with anyone else offline or online unless you want to. Call us today to know how else we can help you!

Divya Patwal


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