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Modi: Consumer protection is in New India resolution

Inaugurating the International Conference on Consumer Protection on 26 October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated
that the vision of New India was to move ahead from consumer protection towards best consumer practices and prosperity with
focus on consumer empowerment.

“Protection of consumer interests is a priority of the government. This is also reflected in our resolution of New India. Moving beyond consumer protection, New India will have best consumer practices and consumer prosperity,” the prime minister said in his opening address at the conference. The PM also repeated his repertoire of views and stated that GST, which was implemented by his government recently, would benefit the consumer and middle class the most. Due to GST, several indirect and hidden taxes have ceased to exist. He said the conference was important as it sought to discuss how to understand and fulfil the aspirations and requirements of consumers.

The theme of the International Conference on Consumer Protection for East, South and South-East Countries was ‘Empowering Consumers in New Markets’. The event was attended by Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Ram Vilas Paswan and Minister of State CR Chaudhary along with other government officials and organisations working towards consumer empowerment.

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