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How can Consumer Protection Act be a Boon

How Can Consumer Protection Act Be a Boon?

The Consumer Protection Act can be a useful tool in a consumer’s arsenal only if the consumer knows how to use it the right way. If you are also an aware Indian consumer who has been cheated, conned or tricked by a product or service provider, you should read on to know how the Consumer Protection Act can be a boon for you.

When Can You File a Complaint?

Many people don’t file a consumer complaint online via an online consumer forum or visit a consumer court because they think that they might not be eligible for the same. If you have the same opinion, then you should have a look at the circumstances in which you can file a complaint and have good chances of getting justice. You should do a consumer court online complaint via an online consumer legal help desk if:

  • You have faced a loss or damage due to the restrictive or unfair trade practices of the product or service provider
  • You bought a product that turned out to be defective.
  • The service you availed was not sufficient
  • You were charged more than market price for a product or service
  • You were sold products or services that were hazardous to life

Who Can File a Complaint?

You can file a complaint if you are a consumer, you are a group of consumers, a legal representative of the consumer who is no longer living, a voluntary consumer organization or central or state government.

Who Cannot File a Complaint?

You can’t file a complaint if you didn’t pay for a product or service. You bought a product or service for commercial or reselling purposes,or you availed a service when under a contract of service.

Two Key Instances When the Consumer Protection Act Was a Boon

Easy Day, a popular grocery store in India was asked to pay a fine of INR 55,000to a customer who was asked to pay INR 115 for a Listerine Mouthwash that actually cost INR 110 twice. The customer sent a legal notice which was not responded to by the company,and hence the customer filed a case in a district consumer forum in 2015 and after one and a half year got justice via compensation of INR 55,000.

Skoda was asked to fix a car that had a vibration issue when speed was increased. The car was bought in 2009,and the Consumer Court was approached in 2011. The court directed the company to fix the car,and it did so. The customer got rid of the annoyance of vibration and got the value for money from the car.

Who Can Help You?

Now, if you are convinced that yes, the Consumer Protection Act can be a boon for you, we suggest that you approach us, the team of Consumer Voice for undiluted and unbiased support and assistance. We are a non-profit organization working towards enhancement of consumer rights and hence would want to ensure that you also file your case properly and win it.

We can help you in many ways. Some of them are listed here.

  • We can help you to know the process of how to file a consumer complaint online
  • We can help you to prepare documents that you will need to furnish while filing a complaint at an online consumer forum
  • We can also file the consumer court online complaint on your behalf if you are uncomfortable in doing so on your own.
  • Our online consumer legal help desk team can provide you with legal representation if you want a top lawyer to represent you without charging a lot of fees.
  • We can also offer moral support and any kind of guidance you need to fight your case with confidence.
  • You can also trust us to be there at every hearing if you want us to. We’ll never leave you feeling alone or isolated.

What are you waiting for? Call Consumer Voice today and let us help you know everything about and fight for your rights as a consumer. You never know, your case might also be an inspiration for other cheated consumers someday if you trust us today.

Divya Patwal


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