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Is the Ice Cream You Buying Worth It?

Ice cream is an indulgence people can barely resist. Most of us have ice creams particularly in the summers to beat the heat while some also have it in winters just for the amazing taste. No matter what your reasons for indulging in ice creams are, you should know that all ice creams you buy are not ice creams. Yes, many of the deserts you are picking up at the local store are frozen desserts made from vegetable oil that don't have enough nutrients as ice creams.

Consumer Voice recently compared top brands of ice creams and frozen desserts. The information revealed as a part of the tests is enlightening, and a must read for any consumer who wants to buy smartly.

The top 7 brands of ice creams and frozen desserts we compared are:

  1. Baskin Robbins
  2. Verka
  3. Amul
  4. Mother Dairy
  5. Kwality Wall’s
  6. Vadilal
  7. Cream Bell

What Did We Test?

Value for Money

As Indian consumers are highly worried about the value for money offered by a product or services, we included it as a parameter.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of different brands was compared, and top performing brands were named.

Adherence to National Standards

We tried to find out whether the brands are complying with the national standards or not.

Microbiological Requirements

This criterion judged whether brands are safe in terms of microbiological requirements or not.

Sensory Panel Tests

The taste, smell, and feel of ice creams and frozen desserts were tested by a team of testers who had exceptional sensory faculties.

Nutrient Testing

The brands were also tested for parameters like Total Fat, Weight Per Liter, Acidity Percentage (as Lactic Acid) and presence of Total Solids, Sucrose, Moisture, Protein, Saccharin, and Starch.

Key Findings

  • The top performers were Baskin Robbins and Verka in ice creams and Vadilal in frozen desserts.
  • The value for money brands was Vadilal in frozen desserts and Verka in ice creams.
  • Most of the brands met the minimum requirements specified in the national standards.
  • Water (moisture >61%) is the highest ingredient in ice creams and frozen desserts.
  • All the brands were found to be safe in terms of microbiological requirements.
  • In the sensory panel tests, Verka in ice cream and Cream Bell in frozen dessert topped in their respective categories.
  • As per Indian Standards, sucrose content of ice cream should not be more than 15 percent by weight. For frozen dessert, no requirement of sucrose has been specified in the national standards. Mother Dairy (16.86 percent) and Amul (16.22 percent) were found with higher sucrose.
  • As per the national standards, total protein should not be less than 3.5 percent for ice cream/ medium-fat ice cream and frozen dessert/medium-fat frozen dessert. Amul (5.40 percent) and Baskin Robbins (5.12 percent) were found with higher protein level.

Tips to Make Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts More Enjoyable

  • Refreezing ice creams and frozen desserts can ruin their taste so you better not let them melt unless you plan to eat them in one go.
  • If you don't want the spoon to stick to the ice creams and frozen dessert, make sure you wet the spoon with water that has room temperature.
  • Always scoop ice creams and frozen desserts from the edge as they soften from outside to the inside.
  • Try to store ice creams and frozen desserts at the back of the freezer.
  • Make sure you store ice creams and frozen desserts at 8 degrees.

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Divya Patwal


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