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FAQ On Filing Consumer Compliant Online

Indian consumers have become more aware of their rights in recent years. The result of such awareness is that more and more people are filing consumer complaint online and getting justice from the consumer courts. If you have also been cheated by a manufacturer like a manufacturer of a microwave or a service provider the services offered by a spa, you have the right to file a consumer complaint online. The government is doing everything possible to make the process of filing a consumer complaint online.

To know what the government has done and how it can help you, read the following FAQ regarding filing a consumer complaint online. It will help you to know what to expect from the process.

Which Portal Should You Visit to File a Consumer Complaint Online?

You need to visit the website, that is launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs. It not only enlightens consumers regarding their rights but also advises them to ensure they walk on the right track. It also acts as a central registry that can be used for lodging consumer grievances. The portal is known as INGRAM, an Integrated Grievance Redress Mechanism and is created to act as an alternative dispute redressal mechanism.

What Kind of Grievances Can Be Registered on the Portal and How?

All the grievances related to Consumer Issues can be registered. You just need to register yourself by signing up on the portal. After that, you will be assigned a user ID and a password. Use that to register your complaint at the portal and attach the documents needed. If you need assistance, you can seek the help of experts at Consumer Voice, a leading online consumer forum where experts tell you about the registration and complaint filing process so that you have the required documents with you when you sign up.

Should I Check the Important Links Section?

Yes, if you are filing a consumer complaint online for the first time, you should check the links that lead to useful material on consumer awareness and educate yourself. If you don’t have the time to go through all the links, you can again rely on Consumer Voice experts to guide you regarding your rights and duties pertaining to the consumer protection act.

What Happens After I Submit the Grievance?

The grievance will be given a unique docket number,and the grievance would be sent to a concerned company, regulator, agency, ombudsman to ensure speedy redress. You will be updated on the status regularly,and the agency or regulator or company will be promoted to at fast via gentle reminders.

Can I Track the Status of My Grievance?

Yes, you can track the status of your grievance by clicking on the link track your grievance. The good news is that you don’t need to sign in over and over again to check the status.

How Soon Can I Expect an Outcome?

As the portal receives scores of queries or grievances each day, it may take up to 60 days to redressing the grievance.

What Can I Do If the Grievance is Not Resolved Satisfactorily?

In case the grievance is not resolved satisfactorily, you have the option of consulting with the experts at Consumer Voice, a reliable online consumer legal help desk and seek justice by approaching the appropriate court. You are free to approach NCDRC website, State Commission or the District Forum on the basis of your complaint.

What are the Contact Details of People Who Can Help?

According to the website,, you can connect with the Director (PG) Department of Consumer Affairs at Krishi Bhawan. New Delhi - 110001 or send an email to dircoop-ca[at]nic[dot]in. You can also call at 011-23387737. In case you need to talk to Project Director NCH or Project Manager NCH, you should call 011-23468349 or 011-23708398. In case you are facing any technical issue, you can contact 011-23381689.

In essence, it can be seen that is a good website that can help you. But if you need any sort of assistance while filing a consumer complaint online or need an expert opinion, you must visit Consumer Voice, a leading online consumer forum that guides you on how to file consumer court online complaint perfectly and without any bias.

Divya Patwal


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