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Croma store fined for refusing refund on failed transaction

A consumer court in Bengaluru has ordered Croma store, Koramangala, to refund the payment it had collected from a north Bengaluru customer for a washing machine. The store had refused to deliver the machine, claiming that the debit card transaction had failed. It was ordered to pay Chitransh Shrivatsava Rs 31,689, the price of the washing machine, and Rs 5,000 for all the problems it had caused him.

Shrivatsava had walked into the store on 7 January 2017 and decided to buy a washing machine. He had handed over his SBI debit card and the store staff swiped the card for Rs 31,689. The amount was debited from his account, but Croma staff refused to hand over the machine, stating it was not credited to their merchant account. They claimed the swipe returned a failed

While the banking enquiries went on, Shrivatsava purchased the machine from the same store using another card days later. He then followed up with SBI on the first transaction and learnt from customer care that the money had been credited to Croma’s bank account.

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