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Britannia fined for selling packet with less than printed weight

Ahmedabad consumer forum has fined Britannia Industries for selling biscuit packets that weighed less than what was printed on them. The forum also asked the company to deposit Rs 25,000 in the Consumer Welfare Fund as a fine and pay another Rs 6,000 to Lalji Patel, the complainant.
Patel had moved the forum after finding that the four biscuit packets he purchased in 2012 weighed less than 122.5 grams, which was the printed weight on them. He verified the actual weight with a local ISO 9001-certified laboratory.
Patel had contended that the four packets of biscuits that he purchased weighed 104 grams, 112 grams, 114 grams and 117 grams, respectively. The consumer forum in its order stated that the difference in actual and printed weights on the packets was not negligible and was more than the maximum permissible error, and hence declared Britannia guilty of ‘unfair trade practice’. The company had argued that it had sophisticated manufacturing plants where the biscuits were packed in order to maintain the international standard. The variation in weight could have been caused
due to transportation and weather conditions. The court, though, found this unjustifiable.

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