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6 Secrets to Avoid Getting Scammed Via Misleading Ads

Those days are long gone when people used to create advertisements only to persuade consumers to buy their products and services over others. Now, most of the people are using advertising as a tool to mislead consumers into buying or using products and services that are not worth it. It is a fact that honest advertising has been replaced by false promises and deceptive claims these days.

In such a situation, it becomes essential for consumers to be smart. If you are a smart consumer, you should read the following tips on how to stay away from misleading advertisements.

  1. Be Logical

If a company is promoting fairness products that claim to help you change your skin color in a few weeks, logic says that the ad is misleading. So, you should try to stay away from products or services that are too unreal or impossible.

  1. Avoid High Hopes

Though there is nothing wrong in expecting a product to be of top quality and give value for money, you should avoid products or services that seem too good to be true. For instance, if you expect a soap bar to last for three months, you are creating a scenario that’s “too good to be true.”

  1. Find the Catch

When deciding to buy any product or service, make sure that you find the catch behind something that seems fishy. For instance, if someone is claiming to teach you digital marketing at just INR 500, which is too low according to the industry standards, make sure that you check the quality of the training or the portfolio of the person before availing the service.

  1. Don’t Fall for Fake Discounts

Many companies offer fake discounts in the ads to lure the customers and then change the terms and conditions. For instance, a brand that says something like “buy two, get six” probably makes you think that you get eight items in total. But the fact is, you will get only four items as free. Also, the cost of the two items would be too high and enough to cover the costs of all six items. So, you will barely save any money.

  1. Do a Background Check

If you are trying a brand, product or service for the first time, trusting only the ad is not enough. You should do a background check of the company to find out whether the products or services are worth the prices or not. The background check can be done by asking people in your social circle about the brand or doing some basic internet research and reading the reviews online.

  1. Prefer Sampling

Last but not least, a simple way to avoid being cheated of a lot of your hard-earned money is to make it a policy of buying products or services in small quantities. For instance, when you are buying new chocolate, buy a small one or if you are signing up for an online course, request a demo session first. In most cases, the samples would be free or cost you less.

Do you have any more tips on how to stay away from misleading advertisements? If so, feel free to share them below!

Divya Patwal


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