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7 Simple Ways to Use Your Television Efficiently

How to use or view your TV efficiently? Here are important tips to ensure that you save money on electricity bills and also enhance your TV viewing experience.

  1. Turn the TV off when no one is watching it

Most of us are guilty of letting the TV run in the background when we are cooking, knitting or glued to our phones. You should learn to break this habit because it costs a lot of money in the long run. Just make it a rule to switch off the TV if you are not watching it.

  1. Buy a model with a higher star rating (5 stars)

In case you have not bought a TV yet, or you want to switch to a better version, make sure that you choose a TV set that has 5-star energy efficient rating. It will ensure that the TV set has energy saving features that may lower your energy bills considerably.

  1. Know that larger screens consume more electricity than smaller screens

When looking for ways to use your TV efficiently, you should make sure that you own or buy a TV with optimal screen size. Remember, a TV set that has a 50-inch screen would consume more energy than a 32-inch screen. So, don’t just buy a wide TV set for show off. Select the size according to your needs.

  1. Know that the brighter the screen, the more energy the TV uses

If you want to learn about ways to use your TV efficiently, remember that the type of screen also matters. For instance, plasma screens consume more energy as compared to LED or LCD screens. Also, if you opt for a model produced even a few months back when the latest version is available, you will lose out as newer TV sets usually come with better energy efficiency features than the older models.

  1. Do not leave the TV in standby mode for a long time

Standby mode of a TV is opted by people to ensure that the TV can be turned on instantly. We do it to avoid the hassle of waiting for a few seconds when the TV turns on. But this impatience can cost a lot in the form of electricity bills. Develop the habit of switching off the TV if you don’t intend to watch anything in the next 10 minutes.

  1. Position your TV so that it isn’t in direct sunlight

Doing so will ensure that you won’t need to have the brightness turned all the way up. Be cautious with this step because some TV screens can be damaged with too much direct sunlight. An ideal solution is to position your TV in such a way that it has a lot of sunlight and use drapes to ensure that when the sun is too harsh, the screen is not damaged by it.

  1. Do not clean the screen panel with a wet cloth or when it is ‘on’

One of the simplest things you can do when seeking ways to use your TV efficiently is to clean it regularly with a soft, gentle and lint-free cloth. You can also use mild soap to get rid of stains. Never clean the TV when it’s on and avoid damp cloths or cleaners as they may stain or damage the screen.


Divya Patwal


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