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Types of Refrigerators

How to choose the Best Refrigerator

Refrigerator buying is a serious purchase where one should put a lot of thought in it. A refrigerator is not only an integral part of our lives and kitchen but it is one purchase which stays with us for the next 10 years at least. Before taking a decision to buy a fridge, must know the types of refrigerators available in the market and consider certain important factors like number of members in the family, space, electricity consumption and so on.  Moreover, a fridge is an expensive item and to buy the best refrigerator do not hurry but take a conscious decision. You can also check our refrigerator buying guide, which can help you to know the right fit for you. 

What are the Different Types of Refrigerators

Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerator

The first decision to choose among the different types of refrigerators available in the market is choosing between a direct-cool refrigerator and a frost-free one. The former is typically much less expensive than the latter. A direct cool model produces the necessary chill through natural convection.

Frost-free refrigerators, as the name implies, do not require any kind of manual defrosting. Also, the life expectancy of the current models of frost-free refrigerator is greater than that of the current direct-cool models in the market. Consumer VOICE compared  6 most popular brands of frost free refrigerators to help you decide on the best frost free refrigerator that suits your requirements.

Inverter Series Fridge

There are also the inverter-type refrigerators that allow for varied speed and runs in longer cycles at low speed. These utilise electricity energy more efficiently. If upfront cost for buying is not a concern for you, then do look at refrigerators with inverter technology. The extra money you pay upfront will be recovered in the form of electricity savings.

Convertible Fridge

A convertible refrigerator gives you the extra space when the refrigerator runs out of storage space. Its freezer transforms into a fridge and back into a freezer as per your need. A convertible fridge is the best refrigerator where family members are more and where a cold cut food is stored.

Consumer VOICE

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