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Easy tips to buy the best semi-automatic washing machine

Market is full of various brands and types of washing machines which makes it a herculean task to choose the right one. Additionally, your choice may also be dependent on your budget. Here, we have tried to make this task easier for you. A good number of washing machines differ in capacity, load, and function, while they also have different features. It is easy to believe that all washing machines, particularly those from known and reputed brands, are more or less the same, with only some minor differences in terms of aesthetics, design, appearance, colour , size, etc. So why take stress, right?

However, the September issue will explain how to choose the best from the variety of products with different features, prices, and brands. In this report, we’ve explained the different types of washing machines available in both online and offline stores.

Here's a checklist for you before you go for this important buy.

Automatic or semi-automatic?

Automatic machines do everything themselves: after you choose the wash programme, the machine will fill water itself, go through the wash cycle, rinse, drain the water, and then do the spin cycle to remove all the excess moisture – all in the same drum.

Semi-automatic: The semi-automatic model needs to be manually filled with water before the wash begins (and then drained and filled with water again for the rinse cycle). You will also have to transfer your clothes from the wash drum to the spin compartment. In this way, you have more control over the washing process, but it is also more labour-intensive. These machines tend to have fewer special features and cycles than automatic washing machines, which is why they are also more affordable. Top-selling brands are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier.

Top loading or front loading?

If you have continuous water supply (hot and normal), you may prefer going for one of the front-loading models as the wash quality is better and they are relatively more energy- and water-efficient. Although about 10 to 20 per cent costlier, they are worth considering. Avoid going for machines loaded with complex features and selections as these may only end up complicating the washing. Four to six selections are adequate for satisfactory washing. For better cleaning of heavily soiled clothes, prefer to use soak mode during prewash.

So if you have decided what features are you looking at, then do grab a copy of our September Consumer VOICE digital magazine now!

Divya Patwal


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