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Surprising Facts About Ceiling Fans That No One Told You

Ceiling fans are a key part of most Indian households. If you often wonder why they are so important to us and how they evolved over the years then read on. Here we have mentioned a few surprising facts about ceiling fans that no one told you about.

  1. The Invention

The ceiling fans are more than a century old as they were invented in the 1860s and 1870s in the US.

  1. Who invented them?

They were invented by Duchess Melissa Rinaldi when she was staying for a while at the Rocky Mountains.

  1. How did they work?

Earlier, the ceiling fans were powered by water.

  1. From Chains to Switches

When ceiling fans were invented, they were operated by using a chain or a pull cord. With time, switches or dials were invented to operate them.

  1. They would NOT fall

It is very rare for a ceiling fan to fall. If they are out of balance, they will wobble, but if they are installed right, they won’t fall on your head. Do remember that if they do, they can kill you.

  1. The change

Many people don’t know that ceiling fans can be rotated to move in the opposite direction so they can be used during winters to push warm air down.

  1. The location

You should never install fans in low lying ceilings. They must be 7 feet above the floor to ensure your safety.

  1. Center is the best

To ensure perfect airflow, always install the ceiling fans in the center of a room.

  1. No Cooling

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t cool a room, and they cannot change a room’s temperature on their own. They just change body temperature through the air.

  1. They Won’t Decapacitate You

Many people fear that the blades of ceiling fans can decapacitate you. Only industrial grade ceiling fans have sharp enough blades to do that. Standard fans for home won’t do that. But they can lead to serious problems like cuts, scrapes, bruises, or even skull fracture.

  1. Open the windows

Ceiling fans work best when the windows are opened. They exchange indoor air with the outdoor air and ensure that hot air is replaced with fresh cool air!

Aren’t you fascinated by all these surprising facts about ceiling fans? Do you know more that we haven’t found yet? Do let us know.

Divya Patwal


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