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Important Refrigerator Features

Are you thinking of a buying a new fridge? Before investing on a refrigerator, consider important refrigerator features since buying a good fridge is an investment where you do not want to go wrong. Selecting the right and best refrigerator is not a child’s play as one needs to ponder over the following:

  • Space – Consider the amount of space you have in your kitchen and also the size of your doorway.
  • Size – If you are living alone or you are newly married, a small size refrigerator would do. However, if you are big family, then consider a bigger size refrigerator
  • Food Habits – If you are into non-vegetarian, you might need a bigger freezer space for your cold cuts or a bigger ice tray. Getting the best fridge freezer is probably one of the trickiest one!

Important Refrigerator Features

Based on the above points, the important refrigerator features that you should consider are:

Temperature Controls – The most important refrigerator feature is that of temperature control. One should ensure that there are two controls: one for the main compartment and the other for the freezer.

Door Style – There are several door styles available in the market. You can go for a traditional single door or a modern day double door. Traditional modern day double door refrigerators have a top freezer but many prefer refrigerators have a bottom freezer as well. It is convenient to have a bottom freezer as you don’t have to bend too often to open the main compartment. Large capacity refrigerators have a side by side door as well which puts both refrigerated and frozen food within easy reach.

Shelves – This feature of the fridge is crucial when it comes to cleaning the fridge. Shelves should be easy to remove and replaced for cleaning. One should also be able to adjust the height of the shelves conveniently. Shelves should also be spill proof and side shelves should have a good height if you have large bottles.

Dairy Compartment – One of the important refrigerator features include the dairy compartment which is used mainly to keep butter, cheese and ghee at a slightly warmer temperature than the rest. Though cheese won’t last long but if you are not using it on a daily basis, then keep it in the cooler main part of the fridge.

Child Proofing – This is one of the most important feature of a fridge if you ask a mother.  Install a fridge lock so that your toddler isn’t able to open the fridge easily. A good fridge lock will ensure that your fridge is devoid of spilled drinks and ice-cream.

Chiller – Keep a note of your chiller temperature and ensure that your chiller temperature is close to zero degree and ideally your fridge should have a separate temperature control.

Lighting – Ensure that your fridge has adequate lighting and you don’t have to scout for things in the fridge. LED lighting is now a common feature in refrigerators these days.

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