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Is Microwave Cooking Safe?

Microwaves seem like an awesome invention when you get back home after a long day at work and don’t have to cook (frozen foods) or sweat over the stove. But is cooking in the microwave safe? What’s the best way to cook in a microwave? Let’s try to find out.

Microwaving is Not Risky

According to experts, there is minimal evidence of microwaving causing any risks.

The Potential Risk

The only risk you need to worry about is the uneven heating of food, as it can create pockets of low temperatures, which is essential for the survival of pathogenic organisms. For instance, if you microwave frozen chicken and it is not equally heated, it can cause salmonellosis.

Remember the Containers

When cooking food in the microwave, you must never use metal containers, paper plates, cardboard boxes, or soft plastic materials. Microwave cooking should always be done in ceramics or glass.

Will Microwave Cooking Lead to Loss of Nutrients?

Yes, microwave cooking can lead to small reductions in vitamins, but that is the case with many other types of food heating as well. To minimize the loss of nutrients, try and opt for rapid heating rather than conventional heating.

Is Cooking Liquid or Solids Advised by Using a Microwave?

You can cook both, but liquid foods would be safer as you can shake them and get homogeneous temperatures. But solid foods have less probability of being evenly cooked and might have some pathogenic cells.

What are the Foods That Must Not be Microwaved?

Many foods are not suitable for microwave cooking. For instance, dry foods like dry pasta, processed meats, hot peppers, or fruits should not be microwaved. Ask an expert if you are cooking a new dish (be it your mom or a chef at the local café) to ensure that you are not cooking foods that are not suitable for microwave cooking.

Will Microwave Cooking Expose Me to Radiation?

Yes, it will, but there is nothing to worry about. The amount of radiation from an average microwave is quite low and doesn’t possess any health risk. To ensure that, buy the microwave from a reputed brand only. Also remember that many other gadgets that you use daily like your cellphone, laptop or cordless phone all lead electromagnetic radiation as well.

In essence, microwave cooking is safe as long as you know how to do it right. It won’t harm your health and well-being if you are smart and you have invested in a product created by a reputed manufacturer who followed all the regulations during the production process.

Divya Patwal


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