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How to Buy the Best Inverter

If frequent power outages in your area have also forced you to consider buying an inverter and you are wondering how to buy the best inverter, then you should read the following guide on things to remember before you buy an inverter. It will help you to avoid the dark and spend your money on a necessary item that adds light to your life whenever you want.

Technology Matters

When thinking of choosing the best inverter, you should remember the key inverter technologies, sine wave and modified sine wave. Sign wave inverters are meant for people who wish to use an inverter for heavy duty electrical appliances like televisions, computers, etc. while modified sign wave inverters are for people who want to use only basic appliances via inverter like lights and fans.

Battery Types

When thinking of how to buy an inverter, you should know that the cost of batteries is a major part of buying an inverter. Lead acid batteries are the cheaper option, and they need high maintenance while tubular batteries are a bit more expensive and need minimal maintenance. The third option is sealed lead acid batteries that are expensive, long lasting and need almost no maintenance.

Power Requirement

If you want to buy an inverter that can power up heavy devices like computers, televisions, etc., you must consider the amount of power they need to get started and not the power they need to keep functioning.


Usually, the inverters require no maintenance. All the maintenance is needed by the batteries. So, you should pick an inverter that offers maximum warranty and scheduled maintenance of the batteries.

KVA or VA Rating

When seeking the best inverter, you should know the kilovolt-ampere and volt-ampere to get an idea of the load an inverter can take. This is important because if you invest in an inverter with low VA and use appliances that have a higher load, it can lead to malfunctioning of the inverter or the devices.

Charging and Voltage

Make sure you buy an inverter where the battery charging time is displayed, and the battery voltage matches the specifications of the inverter.

Safety Trumps All

It doesn’t matter much whether an inverter has an LCD or not, make sure that you buy an inverter that has safety features like circuit protector, auto reset, audio alarm, overload protector, etc. It will ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones as well.

If you want to buy the best inverter, make sure that you remember all the points mentioned above. Also, contact a dealer who is near to your home and promises to send an expert to look after your inverter and its problems even when the warranty is over. Like every other essential appliance, an inverter also needs regular care and maintenance if you hope for it to last long.

Divya Patwal


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