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Say NO to trans fat to live with a healthy heart

For years only nutritionists and cardiologists knew about trans fats – the meanest of all fats. This fat is the heart’s worst enemy and different research starting from the early 1990s raised the alarm bell for the harmful effects of trans fats which are also known as partially hydrogenated oils. […]

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Let’s Be Realistic About Eating Healthy

Instead of over-ambitious food resolutions, small changes in eating habits can make a big difference. Dr Rajni Chopra | Feb 22, 2020 Setting unrealistic dietary resolutions like zero eating out, zero-packaged foods, et al. are more often than not impossible to keep. Instead, moderation rather than abstinence would to be a more […]

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Trans Fat: The Next Epidemic To Watch Out For

Nilanjana Bose | May 21, 2020 More people die annually from heart diseases than from any other cause. And trans fats are to blame. Currently, the world is reeling under a global pandemic that has exposed colossal chinks in the world’s ability to deal with this scourge. COVID-19 has shown its unprecedented […]

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Trans Fats: The Devil Is In The Details

Ramananda Sengupta | Jul 03, 2020 India plans to cap the amount of this deadly unsaturated fat found across various food sectors before the WHO deadline of 2023. But some loopholes in the draft law need to be plugged first. Apart from the fact that they taste good, what do the cakes […]

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Consumer VOICE Survey On Trans Fat In Foods

50% of sample food products have not met the draft standard – Consumer Voice Survey On 28th August 2019, FSSAI issued a draft notification that said, “Food Products in which edible oils and fats are used as an ingredient should not contain trans fatty acids more than 2 per cent […]

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Workshop on Tans Fats with Government School Teachers in Mayur Vihar

Consumer VOICE, a leading consumer organisation working for the protection of consumer issues, is campaigning at different levels for the elimination of trans fats from food in India. As part of this campaign, Consumer VOICE reached out to Government Co-education School, in Mayur Vihar Phase I,  Delhi to sensitise school […]

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Hypertension – How to say goodbye to hypertension

Hypertension which is a lifestyle disease is now rampant in many countries. It is usually a result of excessive intake of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, along with higher consumption of salt and sugar. All these collectively increase the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases including hypertension. . Hypertension […]

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Take note of your daily food intake

Richa Pande All fats are not necessarily harmful. Some fats are vital for human well being. Cooking oils and solid fats together are referred to as ‘fats’ (Source: Dietary Guidelines, NIN). They can be classified as saturated fats and unsaturated fats. The difference between good and bad fat is in […]

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