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Top reasons for health insurance claims getting rejected

Health insurance claims can be of two types – cashless or reimbursement. Cashless Health Insurance is a policy in which the hospital expenses are settled directly between the insurance company and the network hospital. In a non-networked hospital, treatment can be done with re-embarkation facility. But in several cases it has been found that […]

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Health Effects of Acrylamide Consumption

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that is formed in some foods when they undergo high-temperature cooking processes like frying, roasting and baking. Sugars and an amino acid (asparagine), which are naturally present in food items are responsible for acrylamide formation. These food items include potatoes, coffee, cereals, etc. According to […]

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Sunflower Oils – Who is the first among the equals?

Golden, light and healthy-sunflower oil is naturally extracted from sunflower seeds and bears a subtle taste. The oils are refined through different processes such as express and solvent refined to make them edible. The Indian Standard (IS 4277:2014) though prescribes different grades of the oil, however, both expressed and refined […]

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Are you using the Number 1 Product – Find out here?

Did you know Delhi Jal Board (DJB) water is better than Bisleri and Kinley in 20 litre packaged drinking water? Do you know that you could be having frozen dessert in the name of ice cream? Well how do you know if your brand of oil contains saturated fat or […]

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English Magazine Preview January 2019

Click to PreviewBuy Now See all Formats and Editions   Print: Rs. 40/- Print+Digital: Rs. 60/- Digital: Rs. 20/- The first print issue should arrive in 4-6 weeks. Details Control your subscription settings anytime using Amazon’s Magazine Subscription Manager. If you purchase the auto-renewing offer, your subscription will renew at […]

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