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Cardiologists and Milkha Singh speak on maintaining healthy heart on World Heart Day 2020 - Trans Fats free foods

When the world is already reeling under a pandemic, we cannot afford another NCD epidemic of coronary heart diseases in the near future. So on the occasion of World Heart Day 2020, senior cardiologists and sportsmen have come forward to give in their suggestions on how to keep the heart healthy.

Besides exercise, regular medication, and nutritious food, it is important to have trans fat free food. As Dr. Col Sitaram of Apollo Hospital, Secunderabad suggests, "Avoid having snacks that are fried in oil because they may contain a lot of trans fats which are bad for your arteries". He also stresses on at least 30 minutes of regular exercise even for senior citizens. The doyen of Indian athletics marathon runner, 91 years old veteran runner Shri Milkha Singh speaks about how jogging, eating right, and yoga can help keep the heart healthy. Likewise, Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Professor Cardiology, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal emphasizes on having a trans fat free diet along with primary and tertiary heart check-ups.

Watch them here…

Dr Col Sitaram

Milkha Singh

Dr Rajeev Gupta

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