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Where Can You File a Complaint against Fraudulent Ponzi Companies?

If you have been cheated by any ponzi scheme, then it is important to file your complaint. But many investors are not sure where and how to lodge a complaint.

You can file a formal complaint in the official site

According to RBI, this website is meant to facilitate lodging of any complaint related to deposits/schemes of various companies. Complainant has to fill in a simple form. Within the form one has to choose the relevant regulator under which the entity is legally covered.  For that, refer to the table here:

In case you are not aware of the category or the relevant regulator, you can choose the ‘don’t know the regulator’ option and leave it for the government to find it out for you.
You can also upload the scanned copies of relevant (to the complaint) documents in your possession. You can track the status of the complaint and plan further action – write to higher authorities requesting escalation, reach out to the concerned officials, and maybe file an appeal under Right to Information to find out what actions have been taken against your complaint.
Entities authorized to accept deposits from the public

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