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Things credit card companies do not want you to know

You and your credit card are inseparable. Right from paying for your groceries, to your child’s school fees or for your movie tickets or flight bookings, credit cards are no longer a status symbol but a necessity. As a result we have enslaved ourselves with the credit card. But there are things credit card companies don’t want you to know. But the fact is you are the boss of the credit card issuer and not the other way around. And to top it all, if you have a good credit score, you are in control of your credit destiny. Credit card features like APR, credit card payment, and credit card offers should be clear before you opt for the best credit card.

  • Everything is negotiable

When applying for a credit card you can actually negotiate for a lower APR or annual percentage rate. One can also adjust our due date depending upon your cash flow. Though it is in the hands of the credit card company to give you a lower APR, but you can always ask for one as these days the market is very competitive and the customer is the boss.

  • Fixed rate isn’t really fixed

This is actually fine print which we often tend to miss. Issuers can raise your APR whenever they choose. You should be notified about the increase in interest rate but ensure that you receive your mails on time and remember to check them regularly.

  • Your APR can be raised if you are late on any bill not only on credit card bill

Don’t forget that your credit card company monitors your credit report regularly and if you are late on any bill or faltered on any payment, your APR will be increased.

  • Cash advances are not worth it

You are sometimes lured by credit card companies that you can take cash advances but what they might not reveal that APR for a cash advance is usually very high. Cash advances often lead to debt and then the issuer makes interest off your balance for a very long time.

  • Paying off early will not harm your credit score

The thumb rule is paying off your balance on time and f possible early. Pay off your due on the same day or at the end of every month whichever is convenient, so that you can keep a track of your transactions and balance in our savings account.

  • Minimum payment is not for your benefit

The minimum payment is to the benefit of the company and not yours. This is the worst secret never disclosed to you. The longer you stay in debt, the more interest credit card companies can charge, and the more money they make. The companies make the maximum profit out of these low payments.

  • Your rewards program can change anytime

You are at times lured to a particular credit card company because of the attractive credit card offers. But these programs may change anytime and the fine is often confusing to analyse. Moreover, these reward programs might not benefit you in the long run.

You must also know the types of credit card frauds and credit card tips for smart users in order to use credit card to best of your advantage,

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