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List of Cooperative Banks in India

Cooperative banks have limited branches in the country. They are mostly concentrated in the States where they were originally established by some distinguished farmers or socially-committed Samaritans after obtaining license from the RBI. It has been seen that as the coop banks cater to a particular community who may be belonging to a particular lingua-speaking region. The coop banks spread their wings to those areas or States where the particular community migrates or re-settles. This step severely restricts their all-India character.

Why Cooperative banks have limited branches in Delhi/NCR?

This particular question foxed us initially. But later we found a plausible reason. That is, that cooperative bank is basically community-based & rural/semi-urban entities in nature; so they cater to specific communities where community-living still exists. This explains why many of them have fewer branches in metro areas.

Another startling discovery is that one popular cooperative bank of a particular State/UT with around 40 branches in a large metro does not even ‘boast’ of a website!
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Scheduled State Co-operative Banks

Non-Scheduled State Co-operative Banks

Co-operative Banks - Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks

Co-operative Banks - Non-Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks

Co-operative Banks - State Cooperative Banks

Co-operative Banks - District Cooperative Banks

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