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Jet Airways to pay Rs 25,000 for changing flight without permission

A 72-year-old cardiologist had filed a complaint against Jet Airways for rescheduling his flight without informing him. The court has ordered the airline to pay Rs 25,000 as compensation and also return the booking amount with nine per cent interest from the date of payment.

Complainant Dr Nautej Singh had planned his travel way in advance and had booked a morning flight from Pune to Delhi and a connecting flight to Srinagar from Delhi. However, a day before his travel, Jet updated him via a text message that his morning flight had been rescheduled. The airline paid no heed to his repeated requests to put him on another flight so that he won’t miss his connecting flight. Distressed, he was forced to book another flight with another airline at an exorbitant rate. He also requested Jet to refund his booking amount. Then, just a day before the flight, Jet informed Singh that the flight was scheduled to fly on its original time, but that was too late as Singh had already booked another flight. The airlines refused to refund entire booking amount and offered a minimal amount after deductions.

Deciding the case, the court clarified that rescheduling a confirmed ticket without permission amounted to negligence under consumer law. Singh had paid Rs 14,249 for the ticket and Jet Airways had confirmed his booking. He later started receiving messages about the change in the flight timing. When the complainant asked for clarification, the company reconfirmed that his flight had been rescheduled. As it was not possible for Singh to take the flight, he asked for refund. It seemed that Jet took its customers for granted and sometimes arbitrarily decided to reschedule their flights, causing inconvenience to its passengers. This was not just negligence, but also amounted to mental harassment of customers.

Divya Patwal


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