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Inclusions and Exceptions of International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance is important to cover the medical emergencies or financial exigencies that might happen when you travel overseas. You need to read the finer print of these policies and know what all is included and what all is not so that you are well prepared. Below are lists of general inclusions and exclusions followed by some that you should specifically ask for.


In general, following aspects are covered in an overseas travel insurance policy. This list is illustrative, not exhaustive:

  • Personal accident
  • Loss of checked-in baggage
  • Delay in checked-in baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Personal liability
  • Hijack allowance
  • Emergency cash
  • Trip cancellation/delay (interruption)
  • Missed flight connection

 Expect these Exclusions

In general, one can expect that no claims will be entertained on the following (illustrative, not exhaustive):

  • Pre-existing/illness/disease/injury/condition
  • Travelling against doctor’s advice
  • Self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide
  • Taking part in naval, military or air force operations
  • HIV/HIV-related illness including AIDS
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth
  • Sexual misconduct/communicable disease
  • Travel to restricted countries as per government policy (travel advisory)
  • Travelling for medical treatment admission
  • Indulging in intoxicating drugs/alcohol
  • Travel with criminal intent
  • Bankruptcy/Liquidation
  • Adventure sports like mountaineering, bungee jumping and deep-sea diving

 What you should specifically ask for in an International Travel Insurance

  1. Buy a policy that offers emergency cash/hospital daily allowance in case of sudden hospitalisation.
  2. Opt for a policy that has dental treatment as one of the inclusions.
  3. Make sure it gives you burglary cover at home. If you are travelling for a long time and there is no one back home, it’s better to buy a plan that offers coverage for burglary and protection of building.
  4. Confirm that your travel insurance plan covers the countries where you will be travelling.
  5. To know what kind of travel insurance you will need, you should review your current health conditions, activities you will be participating in during travel, and length of travel. Also, confirm that your travel insurance plan covers the countries where you will be travelling.

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