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Importance of Travel Insurance for Overseas Travel for Students

The importance of travel insurance for overseas travel for students is often overlooked by students as well as their parents. If you are a student who is planning to go abroad for studies or you are a parent of such a student, then you should know that student’s travel insurance is essential no matter whether a student is going abroad for a few days or a few years.

Some of the reasons that can tell you about the importance of travel insurance for overseas travel for students are listed right here:

Peace of Mind

This is the most obvious reason to opt for student travel insurance. You as a student and your parents will have the peace of mind because you/they will know that you and your personal belongings will be protected if something bad happens. The peace of mind you get cannot be measured by money, but it’s essential for both, a student who is visiting an unknown country and the parents who are letting the student go alone to an unknown country.

Preparing for Emergencies

Another benefit of opting for student travel insurance is that you as a student would be ready to handle all emergencies that need a lot of money like personal liability, medical emergencies, bail bond (if you land in trouble involving the police). As these kinds of emergencies happen at an alarming rate these days, travel insurance for students is a must.

Cost Difference

If you fall ill in India and you are hospitalized for a few days, you might have to pay a few thousand rupees. In contrast, if you are visiting the US as a student and you are hospitalized, the hospital bill might be thousands of US dollars. Having travel insurance for overseas travel for students will help you in such cases because you will be able to claim most of the amount if you fall ill in another country.

Easy Refunds

In some cases, students make all the reservations and pay the tuition fee of the institution they wish to study at while visiting another country. If you are one of such students and you have to cancel the plans at the last moment due to an emergency, then the travel insurance for overseas travel for students might help you get some refund for the money you invested.

Now that you have realized the importance of travel insurance for overseas travel for students, you should also remember that the earlier you choose the student insurance, the better would it be for you. It’s because you will decide after analyzing the pros and cons of various service providers when you buy the insurance in advance rather than just agreeing to what your college or university recommends (which is not often the best option) because you are short on time.


Divya Patwal


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