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Hyderabad Forum slaps Rs 50,000 fine on insurance company

The Hyderabad District Consumer Forum has slapped a fine of Rs 50,517 on National Insurance Company for deficiency of services.

Daredoa Safaraz had subscribed to a group mediclaim policy of National Insurance Company for his wife, father Kurban and himself. In 2014 Kurban developed numbness over the left side of face and weakness in limbs, and was admitted to a private hospital. Kurban informed the insurance company about his admission. He incurred Rs 50,517 towards doctor fee, consultation, drug administration charges, investigation, medical records, nursing and hospital utilities, nutritional charges, room rent, etc. After receiving the claim papers the insurance company said they would process and make payment within one month, but it went on delaying the payment on one pretext or the other. Following this, Safaraz approached the consumer forum.

Divya Patwal


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