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Home Loan Complaints – Grievance and Redressal of NBFCs Home Loans

The RBI has made it mandatory for all NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) to have a grievance redressal officer, whose name and contact details have to be mandatorily displayed in the premises of the NBFCs. Aggrieved borrowers who have home loan complaints can approach the grievance redressal officer of the NBFC to file a complaint. A three-tier system is functional in this regard.

  1. a) Tier I (customer service department of NBFC)

Call toll-free number
Send SMS
Send email
Send letter (hard copy)
Visit website and register your complaint/grievance online

You will get a customer service number

  1. b) Tier II (if no response is received within six weeks of your complaint or you are dissatisfied with the reply received)

Email/write to the grievance redressal officer or GRO (of the NBFC) with a copy of your grievance and the reply, if any, received at Tier 1

  1. c) Tier III (if you are unhappy with the reply received from the GRO)

Approach the below on the prescribed format:

  • Complaint Redressal Cell
  • National Housing Bank (regulator for NBFCs)

Online link for home loan complaint

By post you can send your complaint to:

National Housing Bank
Department of Regulation & Supervision
(Complaint Redressal Cell)
4th Floor, Core-5A
India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

1 Comment

  1. rajeev khulbey
    July 4, 2018

    Its very sad that after six months, you have no solution about my case. no any can do resolve this case. May i have to go to consumer court. nobody can send any positive response. R.A.C.A.PC sending me computer generate mail again and again.
    Its very sad that even after six month of follow up, No positive response from state bank of India. Kindly look into the matter and please arrange for reversal. as per statement Rs 29565/ has deducted two time. ans also interest levied on that , request you to please reverse amount of Rs-29565 with interest in my account. detail mentioned in trail mail

    rajeev khulbey
    sbi home loan customer

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